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The main purpose of the organization is to provide a professional service to certify volumes and qualities of the products exported or imported by the petroleum, petrochemical and general industrial sectors, in liquid, gaseous, or solid state, in bulk or containers. .

AIVEPET also provides transportation and analysis of samples, calibration of containers, training and consulting in custody transfer.

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Hidrocarbons Certification
Quality and quantity certification of cargoes of crude, refined products, petrochemicals and gases.

The loading and discharge inspections are performed following the latest ASTM/API standards.

Nominations or service orders are analyzed in the main office before sending the instructions to the fields.

Our knowledge about the quality of crude and products allows us to identify potential problems, which are immediately reported to our regional offices to take preventive actions.

Our communication network allows us to quickly understand the events occurring in terminals and keep our customers properly informed about their shipments. Thus, provide timely recommendations to overcome any obstacles during the operation.

Our experience allows us to identify opportunities for the benefit of our customers.

Other Goods Certification
Quality and quantity certification of raw and manufactured materials in liquid or solid estate either in bulk or containers.

Certifications are performed following the latest standards of accredited national and international institutes.

We attend in warehouses, plants and port facilities. We adapt to customers´ needs.

Inventory Control

When your products, intakes, raw material, solid or liquid, are stored, it is extremely important to control the inventory, our service allows you to protect your interests, implementing control points to minimize the risk of uncountable losses.

Analysis of liquid hydrocarbons, solvents, raw materials, fertilizers, in our laboratories or in other independent laboratories.

To give the best service to our customers we have laboratories equipped with the latest technology.

Our hydrocarbon laboratory service covers the following products:

  • Crude
  • Naphtha and Gasoline
  • Aviation fuel
  • Distillate
  • Residual fuel
  • Lubricant
Samples Transportation
Samples Transportation.

  • Sampling and preparation of samples.
  • Transportation “door to door” of hazardous samples..
  • Compliance with IATA regulations.
  • Use of United Nations certified containers.
  • Obtention of local permits and license when required.
Calibration of Tanks
Calibration of Storage Tanks.

  • Cylindricals, spheres, boxes and “sausages”.
  • API method, Chapter 2.2ª/2B;27;STD 2551/2552;ISO7507-1/2/3.
  • Certified equipment.
  • Evaluation of deformities and report of Verticality of Rings.
  • Certification of Calibration Tables by local authorities when required.
  • Issuance of electronic calibration tables compatible with any data base, 48 hours after finishing the field measurement.
  • Delivery of Calibration Tables 5 days after finishing the field measurement..
Quality Consulting
Advice on products quality and design of laboratories.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide consulting on product qualities, laboratory design, product blends, custody transfer and related activities.


Our knowledge and experience is shared for the benefit of others, through a series of courses designed and taught by our highly qualified staff. These courses are continuously updated and gave been given to more than 2000 participants.

The courses available are in Spanish and are::

  • Custody Transfer.
  • General Petroleum Sampling Techniques.
  • Quality Control in Petroleum products.
  • Measuring Techniques and Control of Cargoes.
  • We also design special courses tailored to the needs of our customer.

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